Info & Common Questions

Questions Every Wedding Photographer Should Answer

I understand hiring the perfect wedding photographer for you is important, uses valuable time, and for some can… be overwhelming. I strive to make your entire wedding photographer experience  easy  from day one on hiring so you can enjoy planning the wedding!

Scroll down to view answers to many common questions you may have.


Experience & Booking

Do you travel?

Yes. I travel throughout Florida & Georgia for weddings. I also love destination weddings and am passport ready for your destination wedding.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

Full time for 7 years. I recently celebrated my 350th wedding. Ive been shooting photography & video for 10+ years. And yes I can tell you pretty interesting stories. Smile Emoji.

Do you capture other type of events or photography?

Yes. I/we capture vow renewals, elopements, corporate events, headshots, real estate, and family portraits.

What is your style?

A blend of natural candid moments with romantic traditional moments between that make couples feel at ease in front of a camera.I make subtle suggestions throughout the day at the appropriate time to assist them with improving photo opportunities. Of course I can shoot completely candidly or make cheesy jokes that will make a statue smile. Or crack. See…cheesy jokes….

I’m confident and friendly in front of large groups as well as politely firm if needed for those pesky aunts and uncles trying to steal you away for formals. Mostly though clients say I have a laid back approach to capture candids naturally. Please read online reviews about Jay Grubb Photography.

When is the remaining balance due?

Any remaining balance is due 30 Days before the wedding date.

How do we save our date?

I made it simple to do. Click the Book Now tab to place a retainer. My website walks you through booking us in just a few steps.

Can my parents or someone else pay for the retainer/package?

Yes. The couple getting married is required to sign a contract to be officially booked.

How long before we receive our photos?

Packages vary from each client and on average we strive to be faster than the industry standard of 6-8 weeks for photos. Proof Previews usually are just in a few days.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes in addition to bringing multiple cameras as backups, your memories are saved on multiple hard drives and online until delivered. We recommend our clients make backups as well included placing one at another location other than their home just in case.

Do you have a contingency plan if you die?

I honestly hope this doesn’t occur…but yes there is one always in place and is included in your contract. It also covers a variety of different scenarios where I don’t die. Smile Emoji.

Photographer Related

What kind of camera do you use for photography?

The Canon Mark IV…the best currently on the market. It is a full frame camera that excels in lowlight conditions and is 30MP perfect for large prints and canvases.

I also use Canon LS pro lenses: ranging from wide to zoom to low light lenses. Also I carry backup camera and utilize numerous Canon Speedlite wireless flashes when needed/requested for dramatic effects during receptions and night sessions.

Can I extend my Online Photo Gallery?

Yes. Please reach out to me directly for how long you desire.

Do I need a 2nd Photographer or videographer for my wedding?

Every wedding is unique and Id love to to ask you a few key questions to help you decide if you need a 2nd photographer/videographer. Reach to me directly.

Can we order prints and canvases in our Online Gallery?

Yes. Please help support your photographer and not the corporate gurus. You’ll have a variety of affordable, premium prints including canvas, wall mounts, and more built rightist your gallery. Most prints ship within 24 hours!

Also family members and guests may order prints as well and I encourage you to share your Online Gallery with them. They may just gift you something beautiful for your new home together.

You can even request a Guest Password just for sharing purposes.

Can I print our wedding digital photos ourself? Can we have a 3rd party print the photos on canvas?

Yes. I include a personal and 3rd party print release in your contract exclusively for this purpose.

Do you compress or downscale digital JPEGS?

No. I believe my clients should receive full sized resolution JPEGS of their memories without compression or reduction in quality. You will receive the full size in JPEG form. I’m aware that many/most photographers do this during the processing/editing workflow to save money on hard drive space and online gallery services. Clients may request downscaled images.

Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG format?

Great question! I shoot in both RAW & JPEG as my Canon Mark IV can do both simultaneously by writing and backing up to two memory cards as each photo is taken. Really cool for back up purposes and editing.

Video Related

Do you film video in 1o80P or 4K resolution?

Primarily we film in 4K to future proof your wedding as technology advances. If you prefer 1080P just let us know when we have our planning consultation before the wedding.

What kind of camera do you use for photography?

We use Sony Mirrorless Cameras & Lenses with Rode Pro Mics, DJI Ronin M stabilizers, Edlekrone Sliders, Manfrotto tripods, Zoom H1 & H6 audio recorders and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone for aerial video shots. I actually keep a DJI Mavic Air around for backup or just to have in case of inspiration.

How long before we receive our edited video?

Packages vary from each client and I recommend reaching out directly for what you have in mind. It is great to understand that video editing does require more time than photo editing. We watch hundreds of your captured video clips repeatedly for a careful tailored blend of moments, audio voiceovers, and music…putting together a creative highlights video masterpiece.