Photography gear and backups

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Gear. Lighting. Backups.

I believe that our clients should be confident in their selection of a photographer and video services. My personal hobby is staying up to date with trending gear(my current favorite  "toy" is the GoPro Max, a 360 degree camera), backup techniques, and advanced lighting technologies. With a degree in I.T., I take great care in security and proudly use Square to fight spam, phishing, & fraud against evil.

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Jay uses a full frame Canon Mark IV DSLR cameras paired with premium Canon lenses, wireless flashes & strobes for stunning color quality, detail, and lighting effects even in the most difficult lighting conditions. A huge benefit beside the quality of a the Mark IV is that every photograph is captured to 2 memory cards for an instant backup of my client’s memories.

Backup Gear

We ALWAYS bring backup cameras & gear to every event including audio recorders, mics, numerous batteries, lighting, and over 1TB of memory cards. Gear is safely hidden to maintain a visually appealing for your wedding.


For filming, we use up to 3 mirrorless Sony DSLRS to capture multiple angles of key moments in your day especially the ceremony, with professional lav microphones and recorders, updated DJI gimbal stabilizers, and a Phantom 4 Pro drone(ranked higher in quality than the Mavic 2 series).

Video Lighting

We are always praised with our amazing lighting LED setup during receptions(when needed) that is professional, unobtrusive, while delivering a higher production value to our videos. I personally have saved many couples’ experiences during receptions as a photographer, because a DJ’s or venues lighting setup didn’t effectively light up a dance floor outside for the guests to actually see the First Dance or  friends giving toasts. I keep this lighting in my vehicle always juuuuuusstttt in case and is complimentary. We do not use cheesy lights mounted on top of cameras that “blind” guests.

More Gear

I have a huge collection of GoPros including the new Hero 8 and Gopro Max 360 Degree video camera. Other “toys” include a mini Segway for silky smooth video shots paired with a DJI Ronin S gimbal. And their of course if the collection of photography studio equipment, photo booths, and countless accessories to use for any of my client requests.

Backup. Backup. Backup.

I have hundreds of terabytes in hard drive storage, raid backup arrays, and online photo storage, to safely store and backup your memories till delivery…WOW!

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