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The Event Combo


Online DVD

Complimentary with our highlights film videos, the Online DVD is accessible on any connected device without commercials or social media in UHD or HD. You’ll also have access to download your video or share to family and friends with a provided password. You will also receive your highlights video & all raw video footage filmed on a hard drive.
Shipping Included.

3 Cameras Film Your Ceremony

More Features

Audio Lav Mic For Ceremony

4K Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Raw Footage Included

Multiple Video Packages Available

Designated Audio Recorder for DJ & Musicians

Drone & Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

Shipping Included

Highlights Video

Wedding Videographer

The Perfect Blend of Creative, Cinematic Storytelling & Documentary Style

Wedding Videography

We are excited to be able to provide a true reflection of your wedding and ceremony with creative story telling in stunning 4K video of your entire day.  We can also film in 1080P on request but recommend future proofing your special day in the highest resolution UHD 4K at the same amazing price to enjoy later.

Video Cameras & Gear

Using a 3 4K video mirrorless cameras technique ensures more possible moments captured during your ceremony with a small footprint leaving your photographer ample room to capture your favorites candid photos. Using stabilization gimbals and cameras with practiced filming techniques gives a cinematic, non shaky style we love for highlights wedding films. You’ll also find we strive to use 2 cameras during other key moments like First Dances, Speeches, Toasts, & more.


We take audio captured just as serious when documenting your day. By using upgraded boom mics on our cameras, Lav Mics during your ceremony, and Zoom’s amazing H6 audio recorder with your DJ or Band during the reception we are able to capture your vows with clarity, readings of love letters, “how we met” interviews, toasts, ohhhs & ahhhhhs , and all the laughter between. 

Working as a Team

We work hand in hand as team for both photography and videography packages using practiced techniques throughout the day, giving our couples a realistic candid view.

The best part is you only have to communicate with one vendor versus two separate companies when selecting one of my photography and video packages. Personally working with another wedding photographer throughout your day is easy as well, since we are trained as a photographer to understand what they are looking for. We ensure that everyone is truly working as one team to document your wedding day!

Raw Video & Audio Footage

With all of our video packages, you will receive all the raw video footage and audio files on a hard drive in addition to any highlights video package. Edit the raw footage however you wish or save for future viewing for those in between moments you want to relive. Shipping of your wedding video hard drive is included.


Tailored around you.

Your are unique and so is your relationship. Once a client we specifically ask you some key questions about your day and whats important to you. We can shoot throughout the day 100% candidly for those that are camera shy, walk you through a love letter reading for a voiceover style video, interview, or assist you with scenes throughout the day to best tell your day like a First Look, Romantic Walks, Sparkler exits, & more.

Fun Stuff

I am personally known to do fun music video montages through receptions walking through the dancing crowd with a Ronin M Camera Stabilizer for hilarious lip sync still video clips to old school songs everyone loves. We can even encourage some on the fly interviews & cheesy dance moves with loved ones or family if requested.

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